Stewardship of the natural environment: Faerie Glen Nature Reserve


The Faerie Glen nature reserve is one of the most popular places to be outdoors and enjoy the benefits of nature. It is known for its prime hiking, bird watching location and a true presentation of nature but people are made to believe that botanical gardens are the true display of nature but little do we know that gardens are a human modified version of nature, forcing plants of different habitats to share the same type of atmosphere as shown on the picture below.


The long walk around Faerie Glen resort made me realize a few things about how we manage to block out beauty and the musical rhythm of the insects and the birds that see that part of green as home.  I have learned that certain trees and plants require special attention such as this tree:

3It needs to be isolated from most plants because it sucks the other plants dry and other exotic trees such as the Palm tree.

4Ants and other insects showed us the significant meaning of working together, it played out very well for a group of students to form a chain to cross the river when the only way out was to walk back to what felt like a 10km walk from the starting point.

The best part about being accepted by nature is that the deeper you go, the more you can actually hear the communication cycle from birds and other animals on the premises. The more you spend time at the nature reserve you start to realize the heavy change in the oxygen  intake and just by closing your eyes the sounds become more clearer. Most people associate the following type of view to an unattended portion of land without knowing that this is how mother nature had it all planned out to be.


I have learned an interesting factor about plants and that they have a way of defending themselves from anything trying to cause harm to them. They excrete a certain amount of poison and physically extend the thorns to provide more body protection.

Such plants show that even in the dirtiest places a beautiful flower is able to grow and show that nature’s outcomes are a garden of its own without any disturbance of human beings.


The baby Palm tree is a perfect example of how we should learn not to remove indigenous plants as we please because when this specific plant has been removed it dies and for it to gain life again, it can take 5 to 10 years depending on the environment it is placed in.


Exotic trees in the Faerie Glen nature reserve are being chopped down and are marked with blue markings for clear indications. The markings are used as a sign for other people to see that the type of tree that has been removed was endangering other plants by draining them of water. This led to other plants to die in the process because they became too dry.

The tours around the various nature reserves were very interesting and fun. It is something I would recommend to a friend or family member that wants to escape the city and be alone with their own thoughts.



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